🟡What is XRLM?

xRealm's native utility token, XRLM, serves as a currency for transactions within our platform. Users can utilize XRLM tokens for payments across all services offered by xRealm. Additionally, we operate a buyback and burn program where we regularly purchase tokens from the market and permanently remove them from circulation. This process reduces the total supply of XRLM, making it a deflationary token over time.

How can I buy XRLM tokens?

XRLM tokens are currently tradable on both Raydium and Jupiter, two prominent exchanges within the Solana ecosystem. Raydium stands as one of the largest exchanges on the Solana network, while Jupiter offers another reputable platform for trading XRLM tokens.

To participate in trading XRLM on either exchange, all you need is a Solana-compatible wallet. For the best user experience, we recommend using the Phantom wallet, a popular choice among Solana enthusiasts.

XRLM Token Details

Contract address (Solana network):


The xRealm team has locked their own XRLM tokens for one year, reinforcing trust and stability in the project's community.

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