What is XRLM?

xRealm's native utility token, XRLM, is an integral part of our platform's ecosystem, providing a seamless and reliable means of payment and exchange for our users. Our goal is to create a thriving community of users who are incentivized to engage with our platform and help shape its future through their contributions and feedback.

What is XRLM used for?

One of the primary use cases of the XRLM token is to provide access to premium features and services. By holding XRLM tokens, users can unlock advanced functionality and gain access to exclusive content and services that are not available to non-token holders.
In addition to providing access to premium features, XRLM tokens are also used to incentivize community engagement and content creation. By participating in our platform's community, users can earn rewards in the form of XRLM tokens for contributing valuable content, providing feedback, or participating in various events and promotions. This feature creates a sense of ownership and belonging within our community and encourages users to become active contributors to our platform.

XRLM Token Details