How to store XRLM?

While there are various wallet options available to store ERC-20 tokens such as XRLM, xRealm officially supports MetaMask as the recommended wallet. We suggest using MetaMask for the best experience.

Adding XRLM tokens to MetaMask

This tutorial will guide you on adding XRLM Token to your MetaMask wallet, enabling you to view your current balance.
  1. 1.
    To begin, open your MetaMask wallet and navigate to the homepage. At the bottom of the tab, you will find the option labeled 'Import tokens.' Click on it to proceed.
  1. 2.
    On the next page select 'Custom token' and fill out the fields accordingly:
Token contract address: 0xaca8b01f8e7f0251a235b7b143f999988fdcefac
Token symbol: XRLM
Token decimal: 18
Then click 'Add custom token'.
Congratulations, you successfully imported the XRLM Token into your MetaMask!